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Dynamic slideshow SharePoint 2013 App

Dynamic slideshow SharePoint 2013 App is simple, very easy to use for your SharePoint 2013 web site. The product allows you to adding caption, activate/deactivate images and expiration date of any slide so after that date the slide will not be published.


  • 5 Views mode types: Fade mode, vertical mode, ticker mode, carousels mode and vertical carousels mode.
  • Upload/Change/Delete pictures and Information
  • You can enable/disable caption of all images.
  • You can archive the images by unchecked active checkbox
  • Ascending/descending order of upload images to show in slideshow.
  • Run multiple slideshows on the same page.
  • Place it anywhere on your website
  • Maxinum 10 images will be shown in Dynamic slideshow
  • Browser support: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android, IE7+

How to add web part

  • Once the app is installed, the Dynamic slideshow App is available in the App Part gallery. Go to the page where you want to place the Dynamic slideshow app.
  • Click Edit Page.
  • Click on Insert tab and then App Part.
  • Select Dynamic slideshow.
  • When you will insert Dynamic slideshow Sharepoint Apps in your Page. You will see the below message until unless you will not upload one or more images from admin Panel.


  • Edit Web Part
  • You will see Slideshow Settings on right hand pane.
  • Select Effect mode (Default value is fade)
  • Enable/Disable Caption of images (Default value is False)
  • Slideshow list ASC/DESC order (Default value is ASC)

Additional features from the settings webpart

  • You can set width of Dynamic Slideshow App (Default value is 250px)
  • You can set Height of Dynamic Slideshow App (Default value is 100%)
  • You can hide Title of Dynamic Slideshow 

How to Upload Images

  • Click on Dynamic Slideshow Admin Panel link.
  • Click on new link in the Dynamic Slideshow Admin Panel. A pop up window will be opened there you will upload the image and press Ok button.
  • After Images successfully uploaded, a new pop up window will be opened. You have to enter the caption, expiration date and for activation click on checkbox.
  • Click on Check In button to view the information in the list

How to remove SharePoint app from web site

  • Go to Settings and then Site Contents.
  • Find your app you want to remove.
  • Click the ellipses(...) to view the properties of app
  • Click on remove link
  • Click Ok button
Note: Make sure that you have permission on Dynamic Slideshow. You can create Views to display upload data from different view. The image in slideshow will not expire if you will not enter the expiration date. To view the image in slideshow you must checked the activation box. 


Version 1.1

Initial release

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